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Catch Me Every Week On A Podcast

I find that sometimes I intentionally shove an Easter Egg into my writing and other times I find myself surprised to find that that was indeed there. I’ve also somehow managed to reference something I’d only half-what heard of before but that’s a story for another time.

People love to insert what is known as Easter Eggs into their projects to help promote the idea of a shared universe. Or rather, that their project shares a universe with another more well known work.  

In fact, the entire Doctor Who episode “Blink” relies on the idea of Easter Eggs. 

Other still like to be a bit more ambitious and crossover with other projects. A notable being this year’s upcoming Arrowverse four-show crossover. 

In 2011 Robert E. Wronski Jr decided to take all these crossovers and Easter Eggs and put them together into one place. And thus the Television Crossover Universe was born. 

Within a year, this project would cross my radar and I would now and then try and chime in. I mean try because by the time I made it to where one could report sightings Rob would ALWAYS beat me there and have it down. 

But I tried. 

At the end of 2014, 18thWall Productions released the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, the first book to accompany the online activities of the project. 

Then, at the beginning of this year, Rob launched the Televison Crossover Universe Podcast.


Hosted by Robert E. Wronski, Ivan Schablotski, James Bojacuik, and Chris Nigro the podcast picked up some pretty impressive guests. Besides your’s truly, they got New York Times Bestselling Authors, Award making creators, filmmakers, comic writers, and a variety of guests. 

Sadly, due to a variety of circumstances, Rob, Ivan, and Chris left the show and James asked me if I’d consider being a producer and host. 

I accepted and have recorded three episodes as an official host, the first airs this Tuesday (October 11). 

So, this whole long story has been to say, catch me every Tuesday on the Television Crossover Universe Podcast! 

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Musings, Announcements, and Thoughts

Hello again!

Hope your 2016 has been off to a good start. Mine has been a little crazy but I’m excited that I get to announce a short story that’s going to come out in a couple of months to y’all soon. Keep an eye out for that.

Notches Cover 2

Also, Badge City: Notches got nominated for an award. I’ll keep you posted when I hear more! I’m so glad that you guys enjoyed that story.

A lot of you know that I do a weekly column on 18thWall’s website If Walls Could Talk. Usually it’s writing advice, musings that come to me during the week, or in last week’s case, I mention problems I’m having. That one was a bit hard to do, I’ll admit.


I don’t remember how old I was when I first watched the Back To The Future trilogy, but ever since then, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of time travel. In fact, it’s on my writer’s bucket list. Other items include:

  1. Becoming a New York Bestselling Author
  2. Writing a Doctor Who serial for Big Finish Productions. (I linked that because if you’ve never had the chance to listen to one of their audio dramas, you’re really missing out).
  3. Write a proper fantasy novel
  4. Write a historical novel
  5. Write a novel using time travel

Well that list includes at least three books. But let’s go back to time travel. Ever since Doc Brown mentioned that infamous fourth dimension, I’ve been fascinated. In fact, I’ll set there and discuss theoretical time travel with the best of them. Fixed points, paradoxes, the fluidity of time, you name it, I’ve probably got an opinion.

Now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with the beginning of my post. And you should know by now that I do get around to the point eventually.

About a month ago, James sent a website my way. They were just starting out but had the goal of becoming the time travel hub of the internet. After looking over their site, I saw where they were asking for team members and a few days later, I joined the team over at Time Travel Nexus.

Right now, I’m heading up our posts on time travel on TV but now and then I might post about other things. I’m so excited to get to work with time travel again and get the chance to have an excuse to watch all my time travel shows. Already, I’ve done an intro post and already, I’ve found a couple of time travel shows I didn’t know about. I’m excited to get a chance to dig into them.


So that’s what’s going on writing wise for me. I’m excited to see what 2016 brings and I want to thank you guys for reading my work, putting up with my sporadic blog posts, and supporting me.

See you guys next time!

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The Last Three Years

When you hit the end of the year, you can’t help but get retrospective. And for me, I have an extra reason to. When I woke up this morning, Facebook reminded me that today is the third anniversary of my first short story coming out.

Confession time, I cringe at the thought of that short story. But isn’t that half the fun of writing? To learn, to grow, to meet other writers, and to have fun, exciting adventures?

Well, to me, that’s a lot of the fun and while I do cringe, I do appreciate what that short story did. It gave me the confidence to say, “I am a writer” and “I have a short story out.”

That first one, along with the encouragement of my friends and family, made me realize that I could actually do this. True, I quickly learned, and I’m still learning, that I had a long way to go to get where I want to.

And every year since, I’ve made steps in the right direction. And I see the potential to continue to make further steps in the right direction.

But three years.

I’ve learned that there will always be writing to do; it’s a matter of what you decide to focus on. I have a bucket list that will last me for years to come yet at the same time I know that doors will open for things I can’t even imagine.

A favorite example of mine is Notches. When I went looking for a project to work on, I never dreamed that it would turn into my first book. And I certainly never dreamed it would do as well as it did it’s debut week.

Thank you for that.

But I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic today as Facebook keeps showing me the posts my friends and family made that day three years ago. And I wanted to share that with you all.

Plus, this being the year I put out my first book, I felt the need to document the day it all started. The day the name M. H. Norris first came into print.

So, who knows where the next three years will take me. I never imagined where the previous three took me. God tends to surprise me like that, when I let him take the wheel.

But wherever they take me, I look forward to sharing them with all of you.

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The Right To An Opinion

If you respond to someone who you believe insulted another with an insult, how does that make you better than the first person?

Think about that and tell me if it does anything more add fuel to the fire and help fuel a culture of hate. In a world so set on the idea of political correctness and “tolerance”, a word I’m not sure we even know the definition of anymore, one can’t help but wonder what happened to the idea of free speech.

I have this habit, and I hope you’ll bear with me, of looking up tearms when I want to discover what they mean and where they came from. So let’s take a second and look up tolerance. Hopefully, those of you reading this will accept the Oxford English Dictionary as an acceptable source on this matter.

When I looked it up, I’ll admit I was surprised to find that they are a ton of definitions for the world tolerance and the earliest usage I saw was in the 1400s which was earlier than I thought it was going to be. But this is the definition that most people use when they use the word wasn’t even used for another 300 years.

“The action or practice of tolerating; toleration; the disposition to be patient with or indulgent to the opinions or practices of others; freedom from bigotry or undue severity in judging the conduct of others; forbearance; catholicity of spirit.”

I would like to note the phrase, “to be patient with or indulgent to the opinions…”

It does not say, “to accept or welcome ideas with open arms because it is what culture says.”

Tolerance is a word that has become our culture’s way of accepting the harsh double standard that has only gotten worse in recent years. And while I can see your eyes rolling and see the wheels turning as you begin to write me a hateful tweet (my twitter handle is in the contact me section if you’re looking for it), let me say that Christians are expected to be more tolerant of other’s views than other’s are expected to be tolerant of ours.

And to be honest, as Christians, it is our own fault that we allowed our culture to get to this state where we cannot express our faith, views, and opinion without receiving hate.

Last week, I was sifting through another round of the Caitlin Jenner coverage and saw that someone my brother went to high school with tweeted their two cents worth. Because their father is an influential member of the community, they received a lot of hate include one user who told him that they hoped he would burn for eternity.

The kid is 19-years-old.

For those of you with kids, would you want your child told that? How about your sibling or your friend?

Instead of being praised for speaking out while being a member of a generation that seems happy to sit there and do nothing, he was given hate because he expressed an opinion that wasn’t popular.

Let me ask this again, if you respond to someone who you believe insulted another with an insult, how does that make you better than the first person?

What happened to the world that encouraged the exchange of ideas. The Romans had the forums where speeches were heard. Debates were held among men as they shared their ideas with the hopes of changing the world.

But far too often today, people say “be tolerant” or shout down other people’s views because they aren’t popular or are not their own.

That’s not why the Pilgrims came here, that isn’t why the Founding Fathers sat in a very hot, very stuff Independence Hall basically signing their death warrants when they wrote the Declaration of Independence.

In fact, they encouraged people to share their ideas and that’s why this amendment was the first one.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I went looking for someone to break it down and found this from the Anneburg Classroom.

“The First Amendment allows citizens to express and to be exposed to a wide range of opinions and views. It was intended to ensure a free exchange of ideas even if the ideas are unpopular.”

Now, I know you are saying what about slander and libel but some random person tweeting does not classify as both. It becomes that when someone is more well known but fair or not that is a cost of celebrity, you do have to watch what you say because Supreme Court rulings do make room for both. But the average Joe should feel that he/she is free to express their opinion because it is their constitutional right.

You know, I feel slightly better having got my thoughts down like this. But before I go, let me remind you of the golden rule, “do unto others as you have them do unto you.”

And let me ask one more time, if you respond to someone who you believe insulted another with an insult, how does that make you better than the first person?

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Badge City: Notches Is Now Available

I’m pleased to announce that my first digest novel, Badge City: Notches is now available on Amazon.

“When young girls start showing up dead in family friendly locations around the city, Detective Deidre Tordano is called to solve the case. But between similarities to her daughter and the case getting close to home, does she have what it takes to find the culprit? Badge City: Notches follows Deidre as she solves a crime full of love, loss, and unheard cries.”

Created alongside Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Productions, Badge city is “A place where the tenacity and the courage of the Police force is legendary? A town where criminals know there are still good cops they should fear? A family that bleeds blue generation after generation? Welcome to Badge City. Badge City focuses on three generations of a familiy of police officers in a city so known for the strength and honesty of its law enforcement agencies, the world knows it as Badge City. And Author M. H. Norris introduces the world to not only the city, but to one member of the most respected police family in town- Deidre Gaye Brighton Tordano in the digest novel Badge City: Notches.”

This book has been a process that I will never forget and I am so glad that it is finally available for you all to read. Deidre has become near and dear to me over the process of writing this book and working with Tommy to create the world.

I guess here is a spot where I can thank some people.

Thanks to Tommy and the gang at Pro Se for giving me this chance and letting me bring this world to life.

Of course I have to thank God for giving me the chance to write a book. The whole process was full of God moments reminding me that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.

A special shoutout to my Mom, Joseph, and the rest of my family for not only putting up with me, but supporting me as I wrote this and always cheering me on.

James, thanks for editing the book. It wouldn’t have gotten done without you.

And Fraaand, thanks for putting up with the constantly cancelled plans and tears.

To all of my friends who where there to support me, were cheerleaders, and helped during the process, I can’t thank you enough.

And once again, a special thank you to my Papa. Wish you were here to read this.

I’m so excited for this book to be out. I hope you enjoy it.

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My Debut Novella!

I have been waiting a long time to be able to officially announce this. But my debut novella, Badge City: Notches is coming soon!

Notches Cover

Badge City: Notches is the result of months of work and research and I am very proud of this book. I will admit though that having my first book be a murder mystery is a bit bittersweet.

The book is dedicated to my Papa who passed away a few years ago. He was the one who helped me a develop a love for reading which grew into my love of writing. I like to think that he can look down and know that my first book is coming out soon. And it is a murder mystery which was his favorite type of book.


As soon as I have a release date, I will let you all know. I cannot wait to share Notches with you all.

Talk to you soon!

Mary Helen

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Auld Lang Syne

Going to go ahead and post one of my favorite version of the song while I type this up.

What does that mean anyways? Auld Lang Syne? That’s not even English. You would be right there. Auld Lang Syne is Scottish. It translates to Days Long Past. Which is fitting to be the song most often associated with New Years. Days long past.

“Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot and days of Auld Lang Syne.”

And no, I didn’t google the lyrics to the song. I actually am one of the nerds who knows the lyrics to the New Years song.

But 2014. What a year.

The year I finished classes. Still got my internship left, but by the time 2016 rolls around I’ll have a diploma in my hands. But the classes themselves are behind me. And that’s a good feeling.

Flamero Interactive walked into my life, well more than it already had and for the first time I got a solid look at what the future could be. And it’s going to be good.

Time Walkers.

Time's Last Hope Is An Unlikely Alliance - Time Walkers is coming soon.
Time’s Last Hope Is An Unlikely Alliance – Time Walkers is coming soon.

Granted, that’s been a piece of my year for the last several years but this time, this New Year’s Eve feels different. And after some conversation I had with members of the team, I feel like 2015 is going to be the year we finally manage to bring this to life.

We’ll see. I guess that’s the joy of New Years Eve, the ability to look at the year gone and a chance to look at the potential of the year ahead of us.

All over my Facebook Newsfeed, I’ve seen the quote, “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

Apparently Brad Paisley said it. Go figure. But still, I love the analogy because it is true.

What is the book of 2015 going to look like?

I know I didn’t know what 2014 was going to look like. Actually, I thought I knew but it several times blew me away. Doors opened and I had opportunities that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible.

One, I wish I could talk about. But sadly I can’t. Be sure that the minute I can I will. I cannot wait to tell you guys.

But as the Spring semester ended, I got the chance to go to Myrtle Beach for a week with friends.

We finally made it to the beach!
We finally made it to the beach!

Then went to a MKTO concert and met them.


And then came summer with talks of Time Walkers. The other week, I was reminded about how many details we talked about all summer long. And how annoying it was when you went looking for hours for one piece of information. But I found it, saved it in a word document, and then moved on.

School came and I blogged before about the constant going that was those 16 weeks. Which led us to Christmas and then to here.

Auld Lang Syne.

Days long passed.

Here’s to 2014. You were great and full of memories I’ll cherish.

And here’s to 2015. To the days ahead.

I’ll end this post with one of my favorite quotes from Doctor Who.

“To day’s to come.”

“All my love to long ago.”