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Speakeasies and Spiritualists Is Now Out!

This has been a collection I’ve been excited about for a long time. I’m pleased to announce that Speakeasies and Spiritualists is now available on Amazon and at 18thWall Productions!

If you remember, I teased it on my last update.

My story, as well as one by my editor and dear friend James Bojaciuk, feature Rose Mackenberg who has been unjustly forgotten by history.  Not only does it feature stories featuring her (as far as James and I can tell our stories are the first times she appears in historical fiction), the collection also features some articles written by Mackenberg herself!

“All That Jazz” is a story that was fun to write and features to characters, Rose Mackenberg and Margaret McConnell.

Here’s your tease for why you should pick this up. You’ll see more of Margaret MacConnell again. In fact, this story will pop up again in the upcoming first full-length book of the All The Petty Myths series featuring Dr. Rosella Tassoni.

This collection features an amazing lineup: your’s truly, Josh Reynolds, Jon Black, James Bojaciuk, Peter Rawlik, John Linwood Grant, and a few more fun stories.

Speaking of, All The Petty Myths, hopefully I’ll have an update for you soon regarding that! In the meantime, enjoy Speakeasies and Spiritualists!

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Want A Heads Up About My Next Short Story? Find It Here!

On my weekly column over at 18thWall Productions, I chat a bit about my upcoming short story, my next book, and a few other things.

Check it out below!

M.H. Norris One of the hardest things I’m finding with Rosella’s first full-length book is that, for the first time, I’m struggling to write things in order. Usually, I write a story straight from start to finish but this time, I’m finding it hard to do so. Because transitions are hard. I know what’s at…

via If Walls Could Talk: Is a Story Linear or a Ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey Stuff? — 18thWall Productions

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Learning About Writing From Doctor Who

M.H. Norris Doctor Who is now two episodes into its new series and, honestly, in terms of quality they were vastly different. In this column, I try to share with you lessons I learned in writing; and after watching “Smile” on Saturday night, I saw something and wanted to share it with you. Before I begin,…

via If Walls Could Talk: Writing at a Pace that Makes Your Readers “Smile” (Doctor Who) — 18thWall Productions

This week, I spent time examining the latest episode of Doctor Who “Smile” to see what we could learn from it. It was a lot of fun taking an episode of a show I love apart and figuring out where it went wrong versus my traditional “MOFFAT WHY” that I’ve been doing the last several seasons.

The key lesson here? Pacing can make or break a story.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Catch Me Every Week On A Podcast

I find that sometimes I intentionally shove an Easter Egg into my writing and other times I find myself surprised to find that that was indeed there. I’ve also somehow managed to reference something I’d only half-what heard of before but that’s a story for another time.

People love to insert what is known as Easter Eggs into their projects to help promote the idea of a shared universe. Or rather, that their project shares a universe with another more well known work.  

In fact, the entire Doctor Who episode “Blink” relies on the idea of Easter Eggs. 

Other still like to be a bit more ambitious and crossover with other projects. A notable being this year’s upcoming Arrowverse four-show crossover. 

In 2011 Robert E. Wronski Jr decided to take all these crossovers and Easter Eggs and put them together into one place. And thus the Television Crossover Universe was born. 

Within a year, this project would cross my radar and I would now and then try and chime in. I mean try because by the time I made it to where one could report sightings Rob would ALWAYS beat me there and have it down. 

But I tried. 

At the end of 2014, 18thWall Productions released the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, the first book to accompany the online activities of the project. 

Then, at the beginning of this year, Rob launched the Televison Crossover Universe Podcast.


Hosted by Robert E. Wronski, Ivan Schablotski, James Bojacuik, and Chris Nigro the podcast picked up some pretty impressive guests. Besides your’s truly, they got New York Times Bestselling Authors, Award making creators, filmmakers, comic writers, and a variety of guests. 

Sadly, due to a variety of circumstances, Rob, Ivan, and Chris left the show and James asked me if I’d consider being a producer and host. 

I accepted and have recorded three episodes as an official host, the first airs this Tuesday (October 11). 

So, this whole long story has been to say, catch me every Tuesday on the Television Crossover Universe Podcast! 

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The Last Three Years

When you hit the end of the year, you can’t help but get retrospective. And for me, I have an extra reason to. When I woke up this morning, Facebook reminded me that today is the third anniversary of my first short story coming out.

Confession time, I cringe at the thought of that short story. But isn’t that half the fun of writing? To learn, to grow, to meet other writers, and to have fun, exciting adventures?

Well, to me, that’s a lot of the fun and while I do cringe, I do appreciate what that short story did. It gave me the confidence to say, “I am a writer” and “I have a short story out.”

That first one, along with the encouragement of my friends and family, made me realize that I could actually do this. True, I quickly learned, and I’m still learning, that I had a long way to go to get where I want to.

And every year since, I’ve made steps in the right direction. And I see the potential to continue to make further steps in the right direction.

But three years.

I’ve learned that there will always be writing to do; it’s a matter of what you decide to focus on. I have a bucket list that will last me for years to come yet at the same time I know that doors will open for things I can’t even imagine.

A favorite example of mine is Notches. When I went looking for a project to work on, I never dreamed that it would turn into my first book. And I certainly never dreamed it would do as well as it did it’s debut week.

Thank you for that.

But I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic today as Facebook keeps showing me the posts my friends and family made that day three years ago. And I wanted to share that with you all.

Plus, this being the year I put out my first book, I felt the need to document the day it all started. The day the name M. H. Norris first came into print.

So, who knows where the next three years will take me. I never imagined where the previous three took me. God tends to surprise me like that, when I let him take the wheel.

But wherever they take me, I look forward to sharing them with all of you.