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Essays, More Awards, And An Open Call – 2018 So Far

Hello everyone!

I realized it’s been far too long since I last updated my blog and wanted to take a chance to catch you up on what’s been going on in the world of M.H. Norris since I last updated.


As most of you may know, All The Petty Myths finally released at the end of last year featuring my story, “Midnight.” You can get it in print or ebook format. The collection took home several awards in the 2017 Preditors and Editors Reader’s Poll. “Midnight” placed second in the Best Mystery category, “Locked Room” by Marc Sorondo was voted Best Science Fiction & Fantasy short story, and James Bojaciuk’s “Dopplegangers (and Other Artistic Piffle) was voted Best Steampunk Short Story.

All The Petty Myths was years in the making and turned into such a fantastic project and I’m incredibly proud to have worked with all the authors in the collection.

Children Of Time CoverI had the honor of writing an essay for a Doctor Who charity collection, Children of Time: The Companions Of Doctor WhoIt was fun to write about K-9 and talk about how I met the man behind the tin dog last year.  The collection also features some work from a lot of my friends and we cover a variety of companions from all eras of the show.

The Raconteur Roundtable entered its third season and we’ve had some amazing guests on including: Louise Jameson, Kara Dennison, and Jacqueline Rayner (which for me was a personal treat since she is one of my favorite authors). We also have some fun guests in store for the rest of the year and I can’t wait for you all to hear these episodes.

The last big update I have is I’m curating another anthology over at 18thWall with my dear friend Jon Black. Overdue: Tales of Mystery And Adventure Returning History’s Lost Books To Circulation is open for submission through October 15, 2018.

I’m working on the first full-length mystery featuring Dr. Rosella Tassoni and will give you guys news on that as soon as I have it!

That’s it for now! Hope you guys are having an amazing year!

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Speakeasies and Spiritualists Is Now Out!

This has been a collection I’ve been excited about for a long time. I’m pleased to announce that Speakeasies and Spiritualists is now available on Amazon and at 18thWall Productions!

If you remember, I teased it on my last update.

My story, as well as one by my editor and dear friend James Bojaciuk, feature Rose Mackenberg who has been unjustly forgotten by history.  Not only does it feature stories featuring her (as far as James and I can tell our stories are the first times she appears in historical fiction), the collection also features some articles written by Mackenberg herself!

“All That Jazz” is a story that was fun to write and features to characters, Rose Mackenberg and Margaret McConnell.

Here’s your tease for why you should pick this up. You’ll see more of Margaret MacConnell again. In fact, this story will pop up again in the upcoming first full-length book of the All The Petty Myths series featuring Dr. Rosella Tassoni.

This collection features an amazing lineup: your’s truly, Josh Reynolds, Jon Black, James Bojaciuk, Peter Rawlik, John Linwood Grant, and a few more fun stories.

Speaking of, All The Petty Myths, hopefully I’ll have an update for you soon regarding that! In the meantime, enjoy Speakeasies and Spiritualists!

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Saucy Robot Stories – Featuring A New Short Story By Your’s Truly!

My short story “The Robot’s A Gentleman” is featured in the anthology Saucy Robot Stories edited by Jim Beard is now out in both print and ebook!

The world’s first fully functional robot, an ex-janitor, and a ballsy lady reporter walk into a bar… SAUCY ROBOT STORIES is equal parts funny, adventurous, thoughtful, and oh-so-pulpy…with a dash of “spicy” just to make it even more interesting. It features characters created by Jim Beard and brought to life by writers Justin Bell, Mary-Helen Norris, Aaron Smith, Travis Hiltz, Sam Gafford, and Chuck Miller in an early-1940s world the robot didn’t make, but he’s sure as heck trying to figure out. WARNING: THIS AIN’T YOUR GRAND-DAD’S ROBOT STORIES!

In 2013, Jim Beard took a chance on an author with only one publishing credit to her name. To this day, “Puzzle Pieces” from Lemon Herberts remains one of my favorite things on my CV.

I had an absolute blast getting the chance to work with Jim Beard again. To this day, my story in his anthology Lemon Herberts is one of my favorite things I’ve written.

So when he approached me about the chance to work together again, I jumped on it.

My story, “The Robot’s A Gentleman” is…

Oh, how to describe it.

It’s like the ending of Badge City: Notches, I don’t know how I came up with the idea but it is rather fun.

My story focuses on the plucky female reporter Doona. It was fun to get inside her head and bring a bit of her story to life.

Jim actually came on the Raconteur Roundtable with Rich Handley to talk about another project but inside the episode, we talk a little about the collection.

A few weeks ago, I got the final edits for the collection and it was the first time in a while I had sat down and read my story in it. I found odd references, little touches, and rather enjoyed myself reading a story that is a little different from what I usually do but was a fun challenge.

Paperback Version

Ebook Version





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Welcome To The Raconteur Roundtable

Towards the end of 2015, James and some of the guys from the Television Crossover Universe created a podcast using the same name. The TVCU crew would then grace devices all over with hour long interviews.

Somewhere along the line, James mentioned that my name was currently being discussed as future guests on the show. That surprised me, it still does in a way. Who wants to talk to me about my work for an hour.

But sure enough, I got a message from Robert E. Wronski Jr asking me if I would like to come on the show and discuss my work. And while this was a new podcast and I knew two of the hosts and knew of two of the other hosts, I was nervous.

It was my first author interview.

Rob likes to say “ and then she came in, and then took over the crew.”

Took over is such a strong word, Rob.

I did invite myself to guest host on a later episode in the middle of said interview. And so about a month or so later, I would return to the TVCU podcast to be a special guest host as we interviewed Phil Hornshaw and Nick Hurwitch. Their book “So You Created A Wormhole: A Time Traveller’s Guide To Time Travel” is one of my favorite time travel books and it was an absolute blast to get to talk with them.

Little known fact about an episode during the summer. I almost came in to guest host Guy Adams’ first episode but the recording happened at about the same time as I was accepting my award last year and I couldn’t manage to do both.

Oh well…

And then came episode 40-41 of the TVCU podcast. The idea had been pitched to me a couple months earlier that Nicole Petit and I would do a tag-team episode of sorts and for two episodes one would be the guest host and the other the guest and then we’d switch.

The idea sounded like a blast. Plus, I love working with Nicole and a chance to chat with her for a couple of hours was something I jumped at.

And by agreeing to that, I unknowingly was agreeing to something else.

Over the course of recording the next four episodes (40-43), the TVCU podcast did a casting shift with the only James remaining from the original crew. I took over with Ben Kasson and occasionally we invite other guest hosts on.

And so began a new era for the TVCU podcast.

The next couple months were spent with all of us trying to get the hang of being the new TVCU crew and a regular recording schedule and finishing out guests that were previously scheduled before the changeover and scheduling guests of our own.

Most of you know we went on hiatus around Christmas with promises to return in the new year. We told you to keep your eyes on us and we would let you know when we were ready to return.

raconteur roundtable

Welcome to the Raconteur Roundtable.

New Name, New Network, adorable New Mascot.

Same show.

It’s still James, Ben, and I having fun and talking with some fantastic people. We can’t wait for you to see some of the interviews we have coming up. We have some real Aces. 😉

Check out our first episode, if you haven’t had a chance to yet. This one was a blast to do, talking Doctor Who with someone who’s directed it. John Ainsworth was a fantastic guest to kick off this new era of the show.

Make sure you check back each week to see who we’re talking to next.

And thanks, Rob, for thinking a relatively new author was someone worth talking to a year ago.
Because what a year it’s been.

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Musings, Announcements, and Thoughts

Hello again!

Hope your 2016 has been off to a good start. Mine has been a little crazy but I’m excited that I get to announce a short story that’s going to come out in a couple of months to y’all soon. Keep an eye out for that.

Notches Cover 2

Also, Badge City: Notches got nominated for an award. I’ll keep you posted when I hear more! I’m so glad that you guys enjoyed that story.

A lot of you know that I do a weekly column on 18thWall’s website If Walls Could Talk. Usually it’s writing advice, musings that come to me during the week, or in last week’s case, I mention problems I’m having. That one was a bit hard to do, I’ll admit.


I don’t remember how old I was when I first watched the Back To The Future trilogy, but ever since then, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of time travel. In fact, it’s on my writer’s bucket list. Other items include:

  1. Becoming a New York Bestselling Author
  2. Writing a Doctor Who serial for Big Finish Productions. (I linked that because if you’ve never had the chance to listen to one of their audio dramas, you’re really missing out).
  3. Write a proper fantasy novel
  4. Write a historical novel
  5. Write a novel using time travel

Well that list includes at least three books. But let’s go back to time travel. Ever since Doc Brown mentioned that infamous fourth dimension, I’ve been fascinated. In fact, I’ll set there and discuss theoretical time travel with the best of them. Fixed points, paradoxes, the fluidity of time, you name it, I’ve probably got an opinion.

Now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with the beginning of my post. And you should know by now that I do get around to the point eventually.

About a month ago, James sent a website my way. They were just starting out but had the goal of becoming the time travel hub of the internet. After looking over their site, I saw where they were asking for team members and a few days later, I joined the team over at Time Travel Nexus.

Right now, I’m heading up our posts on time travel on TV but now and then I might post about other things. I’m so excited to get to work with time travel again and get the chance to have an excuse to watch all my time travel shows. Already, I’ve done an intro post and already, I’ve found a couple of time travel shows I didn’t know about. I’m excited to get a chance to dig into them.


So that’s what’s going on writing wise for me. I’m excited to see what 2016 brings and I want to thank you guys for reading my work, putting up with my sporadic blog posts, and supporting me.

See you guys next time!

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Badge City: Notches Is Now Available

I’m pleased to announce that my first digest novel, Badge City: Notches is now available on Amazon.

“When young girls start showing up dead in family friendly locations around the city, Detective Deidre Tordano is called to solve the case. But between similarities to her daughter and the case getting close to home, does she have what it takes to find the culprit? Badge City: Notches follows Deidre as she solves a crime full of love, loss, and unheard cries.”

Created alongside Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Productions, Badge city is “A place where the tenacity and the courage of the Police force is legendary? A town where criminals know there are still good cops they should fear? A family that bleeds blue generation after generation? Welcome to Badge City. Badge City focuses on three generations of a familiy of police officers in a city so known for the strength and honesty of its law enforcement agencies, the world knows it as Badge City. And Author M. H. Norris introduces the world to not only the city, but to one member of the most respected police family in town- Deidre Gaye Brighton Tordano in the digest novel Badge City: Notches.”

This book has been a process that I will never forget and I am so glad that it is finally available for you all to read. Deidre has become near and dear to me over the process of writing this book and working with Tommy to create the world.

I guess here is a spot where I can thank some people.

Thanks to Tommy and the gang at Pro Se for giving me this chance and letting me bring this world to life.

Of course I have to thank God for giving me the chance to write a book. The whole process was full of God moments reminding me that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.

A special shoutout to my Mom, Joseph, and the rest of my family for not only putting up with me, but supporting me as I wrote this and always cheering me on.

James, thanks for editing the book. It wouldn’t have gotten done without you.

And Fraaand, thanks for putting up with the constantly cancelled plans and tears.

To all of my friends who where there to support me, were cheerleaders, and helped during the process, I can’t thank you enough.

And once again, a special thank you to my Papa. Wish you were here to read this.

I’m so excited for this book to be out. I hope you enjoy it.

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My Debut Novella!

I have been waiting a long time to be able to officially announce this. But my debut novella, Badge City: Notches is coming soon!

Notches Cover

Badge City: Notches is the result of months of work and research and I am very proud of this book. I will admit though that having my first book be a murder mystery is a bit bittersweet.

The book is dedicated to my Papa who passed away a few years ago. He was the one who helped me a develop a love for reading which grew into my love of writing. I like to think that he can look down and know that my first book is coming out soon. And it is a murder mystery which was his favorite type of book.


As soon as I have a release date, I will let you all know. I cannot wait to share Notches with you all.

Talk to you soon!

Mary Helen