About Me

M.H. Norris’ mystery series, All the Petty Myths, combines forensics and mythology in a unique brew. The first volume featured the premiere novella “Midnight,” which won #2 Best Mystery Novel in the 2018 Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll. Other stories in the collection took home #1 Science-Fiction/Fantasy Short Story and #1 Steampunk Short Story. The first full-length All the Petty Myths novel is forthcoming with Jazz Street, featuring the investigations of Dr. Rosella Tassoni. 

Badge City: Notches, earned her the 2016 Pulp Ark New Pulp Award for Best Novella, and The Whole Art of Detection, took #4 Best Mystery in The 2016 Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll. A historical fiction epic about the history of American animation, The Importance of Glass Slippers, is forthcoming from Altrix Books.

She wrote the December 2020 Doctor Who Subscriber Short Trip, “Crime at the Cinema,” for Big Finish Productions.

She is a regular contributor to The Stage 32 Blog. Her thoughts on some of the great (and not so great) moments of television can be found in future volumes of ATB Publishing’s line of Outside In non-fiction.

Her short fiction has appeared in The Lemon HerbertsSaucy Robot Stories, Glass CoinSpeakeasies and Spiritualists, and Silver Screen Sleuths. Her essay on K-9 was featured in the Doctor Who charity anthology Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who and she has written numerous articles for The Time Travel Nexus. She is co-host and co-producer on The Raconteur Roundtable, a popular podcast focused on in-depth, intimate interviews with authors, actors, and other creators.

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