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Learning About Writing From Doctor Who

M.H. Norris Doctor Who is now two episodes into its new series and, honestly, in terms of quality they were vastly different. In this column, I try to share with you lessons I learned in writing; and after watching “Smile” on Saturday night, I saw something and wanted to share it with you. Before I begin,…

via If Walls Could Talk: Writing at a Pace that Makes Your Readers “Smile” (Doctor Who) — 18thWall Productions

This week, I spent time examining the latest episode of Doctor Who “Smile” to see what we could learn from it. It was a lot of fun taking an episode of a show I love apart and figuring out where it went wrong versus my traditional “MOFFAT WHY” that I’ve been doing the last several seasons.

The key lesson here? Pacing can make or break a story.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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