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Welcome To The Raconteur Roundtable

Towards the end of 2015, James and some of the guys from the Television Crossover Universe created a podcast using the same name. The TVCU crew would then grace devices all over with hour long interviews.

Somewhere along the line, James mentioned that my name was currently being discussed as future guests on the show. That surprised me, it still does in a way. Who wants to talk to me about my work for an hour.

But sure enough, I got a message from Robert E. Wronski Jr asking me if I would like to come on the show and discuss my work. And while this was a new podcast and I knew two of the hosts and knew of two of the other hosts, I was nervous.

It was my first author interview.

Rob likes to say “ and then she came in, and then took over the crew.”

Took over is such a strong word, Rob.

I did invite myself to guest host on a later episode in the middle of said interview. And so about a month or so later, I would return to the TVCU podcast to be a special guest host as we interviewed Phil Hornshaw and Nick Hurwitch. Their book “So You Created A Wormhole: A Time Traveller’s Guide To Time Travel” is one of my favorite time travel books and it was an absolute blast to get to talk with them.

Little known fact about an episode during the summer. I almost came in to guest host Guy Adams’ first episode but the recording happened at about the same time as I was accepting my award last year and I couldn’t manage to do both.

Oh well…

And then came episode 40-41 of the TVCU podcast. The idea had been pitched to me a couple months earlier that Nicole Petit and I would do a tag-team episode of sorts and for two episodes one would be the guest host and the other the guest and then we’d switch.

The idea sounded like a blast. Plus, I love working with Nicole and a chance to chat with her for a couple of hours was something I jumped at.

And by agreeing to that, I unknowingly was agreeing to something else.

Over the course of recording the next four episodes (40-43), the TVCU podcast did a casting shift with the only James remaining from the original crew. I took over with Ben Kasson and occasionally we invite other guest hosts on.

And so began a new era for the TVCU podcast.

The next couple months were spent with all of us trying to get the hang of being the new TVCU crew and a regular recording schedule and finishing out guests that were previously scheduled before the changeover and scheduling guests of our own.

Most of you know we went on hiatus around Christmas with promises to return in the new year. We told you to keep your eyes on us and we would let you know when we were ready to return.

raconteur roundtable

Welcome to the Raconteur Roundtable.

New Name, New Network, adorable New Mascot.

Same show.

It’s still James, Ben, and I having fun and talking with some fantastic people. We can’t wait for you to see some of the interviews we have coming up. We have some real Aces. 😉

Check out our first episode, if you haven’t had a chance to yet. This one was a blast to do, talking Doctor Who with someone who’s directed it. John Ainsworth was a fantastic guest to kick off this new era of the show.

Make sure you check back each week to see who we’re talking to next.

And thanks, Rob, for thinking a relatively new author was someone worth talking to a year ago.
Because what a year it’s been.


Award-winning mystery author, co-host of the Raconteur Roundtable, lover of mystery and science fiction.

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